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Today: Hot on my heels.


[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I promise to stop talking about Christmas the moment our tree comes down (which will be tomorrow, to the tune of $20 made payable to our condo association… we’re picky about pine needles in the lobby around here apparently), but what follows was just too rich to keep for myself.

I love race photos.  I just do.  I’m smiling manically in nearly every one that has ever been taken of me, despite having a broken foot towards the end of a marathon, or chafing in places I didn’t know I had during a particularly toasty 10k.  What can I say?  Any day I get to run is a good one.  Especially when Santa himself is hot on my heels.

I’m normally a rule follower, and not a rule breaker, but I figured since I am going to purchase this photo, it might be ok to share it prematurely…. maybe?  What if I apologize right above the part where I’m being explicitly told not to share it… period?  What a moral dilemma.  I suppose I will leave this up until my conscience gets the better of me.  In the meantime, note to self:  black leg warmers and white kicks is not my best look.

Ho-ho-hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday.

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Do you smile in your race photos, or do you prefer to be a bit more aerodynamic?


  1. I don’t know if I’ve made it into pictures in previous runs, but there is photographic evidence of the last 5k I did. Let’s just say I’m not the most photogenic person, especially after running 4.999km.

  2. You are too funny, but it is a great photo!

  3. Caption for this photo: “Elizabeth! I never got your list!”

  4. I always look like a hot sweaty mess in my photos. You look effortless in this one!

  5. I smile! I want to look back and remember how fun the race was!

  6. nice photo lady!! I’m usually smiling in race photos too…except that god awful hot-as-balls 10k…I try not to look at those. Side note: I’d pay someone $20 to clean up the needles when we get rid of our tree…this one’s a doozy this year, it didn’t start dying or anything but man the needles fall off if you sneeze from the other room!

  7. I look like I am miserable and dying in most race photos…probably because its usually true!

    I think its totally ok to use the photo. They overcharge for them and you already paid for the race which should include at least one photo of your choosing IMO

  8. LOL my landlord doesn’t speak much English, but he does know how to say “f’in trees.” HATES those pine needles, I bet he wishes his tenants had to pay a ‘Sorry!’ fee for making a mess.

  9. that’s a pretty fantastic photo, since I always look like I’m about to keel over or attack the nearest person in all my race photos.

  10. Love the Elf reference, made me lol at work :) I am not a runner so I cannot comment on race photos, but I agree with Michelle, you look effortless.

  11. What a cute picture! I always try to pose for the photographers but it never works!

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