Today: Times, they are a-changin’.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]For the first time since 1982, I will not be waking up at my parents’ house on Christmas morning.  I will not be making a holy racket at 5:45 AM in an attempt to wake my three siblings a bit early.  I won’t be sitting on the top step waiting while my dad checks “to see if Santa came.”  I think this means I’ve become a grown-up.  It only took me (nearly) 30 years.

In the past, Nick and I have spent the holidays apart, with our own families.  More often than not, Clark rolled with me.  A girl needs her bat-eared sidekick.  This year, though, the three of us are sticking together for a magical, whirlwind Christmas tour.  We will go north to spend Christmas Eve with Nick’s family, stay at our home, sweet condo Christmas Eve night, go to Mass on Christmas morning at our parish in the Back Bay, and then head south to spend Christmas day with my family.

It feels rather odd to be breaking with tradition, but at the same time, it’s exciting to start creating my own traditions.  With my own cute little family.  I fully intend to make a video as I check to see if Santa came (more specifically: did I leave paper, tape and scissors strewn about the living room?), and then release Clark from his crate to tear open a giant stack of (mostly edible) presents.  I am contemplating what I will make for Christmas breakfast, but it seems only appropriate to take a cue from Buddy the Elf and break out the maple syrup.  Lots of maple syrup.

I have already spent hours creating the perfect Christmas music mixes for the car rides.  I have baking supplies ready to go, and more gift tags than I know what to do with (which is why I declined my mom’s offer of approximately 8,700 of them at our dinner on Sunday).  Plus, I have been wrapping like the bad ass white wrapper I am.

Though I tend to be a bit resistant to change, my philosophy for Christmas 2011 is a resounding yes, we can make this holiday– complete with traditions old and new– totally awesome.

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What is your favorite holiday tradition?

8 thoughts on “Today: Times, they are a-changin’.

  1. Sounds like a great new tradition! I don’t know how I would feel about not waking up at my parents’ house on Christmas morning. My Christmas mornings sound kind of like yours. My little brother and I get up the earliest and try to wake our other siblings because we can’t open presents until everyone is up. (You wouldn’t know I’m 30. Ha.) My fiancé gets to experience this fun with us now too.

  2. Since we’ve moved out of the city and closer to my parents’ house, I’m inviting my family over on Christmas Eve for a baking marathon. We used to bake cookies with my mom on Christmas Eve so I’m looking forward to hosting everyone and bringing back the tradition!

  3. This is my second year of not going to my parents for Christmas. It breaks my heart a little, but I am so thankful for technology! We will be skyping Christmas morning 🙂 I am even waiting to open up my gifts until we Skype, and we plan on going in our circle, taking turns, opening them one at a time, as if I were actually home with my parents and siblings! And my mother informed me the other day that my dad plans on hooking the computer up to the TV so I will be “bigger than life sized.” [noted. keep butt, which does not need to be any bigger than life sized, off of the screen. 😉 ]

  4. I always find these changes bittersweet… but it sounds like you made your new and improved plans without family drama which is always a plus!! We’ll be doing some shuttling between parents this holiday too. I guess we are both lucky that we don’t need to board any planes in order for that to happen!

  5. This post (and the comments) really helped me feel less anxious as this is also my first year not going home for Christmas day. It’s weird, but I’m looking forward to spending the holiday with Justin this year 🙂 I love your decorations, but my cat would definitely need a “naughty” tag!

  6. This is my first year changing up the Christmas schedule with my boyfriend too! It’s scary in a childish way, like I’m breaking a life-long tradition that maybe shouldn’t be broken, but also really exciting. I hope yours is wonderful!

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