Today: Rosemary is the loveliest.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]The herb, not the lady.  (Though I’m sure that, if you know someone named Rosemary, she’s lovely too.)  My parents sent me and my sister back to the city after Thanksgiving dinner with a potted rosemary plant for each of us, and the thing seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  Much to my delight.  There is no such thing as too much rosemary.  Same goes for mascara, but that’s a different post altogether.  There are a million and one uses for this lovely herb, and I intend to partake in all million in one.  Starting with a zingy dip.  And ending with a wreath that may take a decade to complete.

Fresh rosemary dip

Before heading to my parents’ house for the holiday, I whipped up a bit of a ‘hmmm… let us see what’s left in the ‘fridge‘ dip, grabbing garlic, fresh lemons, and what herbs we had in the ‘fridge.  I combined some baby dill with a heaping amount of (you guessed it… and if you didn’t… well, that’s okay too) fresh rosemary, juice from half a lemon, two crushed cloves of garlic, and a pinch of cayenne  and blended for 30 seconds in the food processor before adding 1.5 cups of Greek yogurt (I used Stonyfield Organic).  Delicious, with just the right amount of kick.  Or zing.  Or ka-pow, whichever you prefer.

Sweet outdoor centerpieces

It was a bit to cold to eat outside on Thanksgiving (meanwhile, it is now December 6th and approaching 65 degrees in Boston) , but my parents dressed the table on their deck just in case anyone was feeling brave.  I loved the pairing of mason jars and clay potted rosemary.  Tasty and beautiful? That’s quite a multitasking herb.  I am hoping my little guy continues to grow and grow, so that come Christmas 2018, I will have enough rosemary to make one of these:

Rosemary wreath (or, what to make if you have 20 bundles of herbs just layin’ around)

[Click the photo for complete instructions, via Rachel Ray]

Welp.  A girl can dream.

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What is your favorite herb to cook, garnish or decorate with?

2 thoughts on “Today: Rosemary is the loveliest.

  1. Rosemary is one of, if not my favorite, herb. You are SO right, it’s very versatile (we have a rosemary-infused vodka sitting in the fridge, begging to be used in a cocktail). Imagine how good that wreath would smell?!

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