Today: Second time around.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]The first time I went to a clothing swap, I left empty-handed.  And terrified.  I should have worn some sort of helmet.  Or mouth guard.  People grabbed items from other people’s hands, pushed and elbowed their way through the crowd, and didn’t bat an eyelash when an entire table collapsed.  In fact, people went right on digging through the pile (at that point, on the floor) that occupied the table.  Between my allergy to wool, and general aversion to poor manners, I felt itchy enough to leave after a few minutes.

But first I took a picture of my equally terrified sister.

This is what an overwhelmed person looks like.

Somethings, outfits and life experiences included, are better the second time around.  On Sunday, this proved true, as I showed up a full hour early (Sorry!  I am such a boob!) for Tina‘s clothing swap.  Once the other guests arrived (on time… note to self: always re-check invitations), we organized everyone’s offerings by category and size.  This gave us a chance to do some scoping out– I had my eye on a pair of cute yellow kitten heels from the get go.  Tina and her friends were experts at organizing the swap; it was fun to see that a number of items were being re-swapped from previous, um, swaps.  Swap is a strange word.  After picking numbers, we each took a few turns trying on items and eventually a very controlled, polite free-for-all broke out.

In addition to chowing down on spinach and artichoke dip, veggies and Tina’s dessert paninis, I came thiiiis close to needed to swap for a larger pair of pants.  Alas, there were no elastic waistbands to be found.  Instead, I left with two cute tops, and black sweater vest, and that adorable pair of kitten heels I had been coveting.

Perrrrfect. Just my size.

Swapping just may be the new shopping.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Can’t say I’m surprised the baseball Red Sox season is over
  • These are the only pumpkins I intend to eat this fall
  • Meetings, meetings and more meetings

Have you swapped before?  Score anything good?

2 thoughts on “Today: Second time around.

  1. I’ve never been to a swap! Sounds like fun, but maybe a little anxiety-provoking!

    By the way, it looks like those shoes are a little big for Clark! 😛 They’re super cute!

  2. This swap sounds way more my speed. Glad you had a better experience!!

    Oh and at that swap we went to… I still haven’t worn the Big Bird dress I picked up.

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