Today: Nancy Drew and the case of the missing Wellies.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] On Thursday night I played McGyver and put my toolbox (every lady should have one; I have my aunt and uncle to thank for mine) to good use.  My buildingmates may not know this, but they have me to thank for emancipating their packages.  That sounded weird.  Anyway, the concierge’s key broke in the lock when he was opening our package room.  I swooped in with my trusty pliers and was able to turn the lock and bust the door open.  It was totally badass.

This is where I get all my detective know-how... which explains why I have no idea who stole my boots (without the furrrr).

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I’ve been trying to play Nancy Drew, but with less success than my one-night stint as McGyver.  My dang Wellies have gone missing, swiped right from our front door.  And naturally, Mother Nature has just dumped more snow on us.  I’m annoyed.  Really, really annoyed.  It’s not uncommon for people in our building to leave their wet, snowy boots and shoes outside their door.  And it is uncommon, I assume, for people’s stuff to be stolen. Lame to the maximum.

I thought about pulling the fire alarm just as the snow started falling around midnight on Friday, to see what everyone was wearing on their feet, but I think there’s laws against that.  And I didn’t want my freedom stolen, too.  You know, by a prison term.

After consulting my Nancy Drew Handbook, I listed the facts:

  • My boots were stolen (and are therefore, not in my closet, car or office).
  • The concierge suggested we check surveillance tape from our hallway, but after consulting our condo documents, it would appear leaving boots, umbrella, cats and other things in the hallway is forbidden.  So, no matter what… it’s my fault.  And that means we couldn’t check the spycam.  Bummer!
  • I am a sad person.

I’m not quite sure what to do next.  I could put my newly acquired locking-picking skills to use and break into every unit in the building to investigate, but something tells me that wouldn’t go over very well.  (I am kidding, obvi.  I would never do that.  Bible.)  Nancy Drew probably would have figured this out by now, and ghosts likely would have been involved.  With another major storm expected mid-week, I bit the bullet and ordered a new pair on Zappos.

They’re a weird shade of yellow.  Thus making them immune to theft, unlike my black ones.  I hope.  They arrive Monday.  In the meantime, I will be walking Clark in my loafers.

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Have you solved any mysteries lately?  What hidden talents do you possess?

13 thoughts on “Today: Nancy Drew and the case of the missing Wellies.

  1. Aww, man, that’s a bummer about your boots being stolen. I’d be itching to get my hands on that security tape. I like the color of the new ones!

  2. Hii! I just found your blog through Carrots N’ Cake.

    I have a brindle Frenchie too. They are the BEST! I love your pictures…partially because it reminds me that my dog isn’t such a weirdo. They’re all so goofy!

  3. That sucks. Yellow should help them not being stolen.
    I’m sure nancy Drew didn’t solve her first cases with ghosts and brio at first. You’ll get the hang of it and you’ll get your ghosts too eventually.

  4. I was both laughing and feeling awful for you while reading this post. Stolen Wellies? I’d go berserk. Glad you ordered a new pair… I have a pair, and I don’t think I’ll ever NOT have them, they’re great!

    Oh my secret talent is building fires with minimal tools and materials. I’m down to two pieces of paper, two pieces of fatwood and two pieces of kindling. Working on getting down to even less!

  5. Lame that someone stole them!! But awesome that they are only $125 to replace. Hunter Wellies around here are over $200!!

    I’ve often wondered if they are comfy?? I would love to have a pair but can’t justify $200 shoes that just look cute but cause my footsies pain….

  6. That’s ridiculous that the building staff wouldn’t check the security tapes for you. If they never asked you not to leave your wellies out and everyone else does it, there’s an implication that it’s acceptable. Besides, even if it’s not allowed to leave them out, does that make it right to steal them? No.

    I’m glad I live in the south where (at least for now) I don’t have to spend $125 on snow boots. Yikes.

    ICLW #104

  7. What a bummer! You could maybe “accidentally” set off your smoke alarm in your apartment…
    but seriously, I hate when people do jerk things like that.

    By the way, you should have gotten the boots in Duck Egg Blue. Because that is one of the awesomest names for a color. Not robin egg…duck egg.

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