Today: Strolling through a snowy Boston.

Thank goodness for a good pair of boots and garaged parking.  Otherwise I’d be stranded.  Or have soggy socks.  And a broken back.  Shoveling out my car is so 2009.  Those were the days when I lived in Brookline and had a primo parking spot… right next to the snow removal spot.  During every, single storm, my car would get buried by the plows.  During one particularly awkward and icy shoveling session, I had nearly cleared my car when I somehow slipped under my car.  I was far enough under there, I could have have probably changed the oil.  You know, if I knew how.

After a meeting yesterday morning, I strolled through the Common with my camera.  Usually I am running up Beacon Hill, cursing the day I signed up for the marathon (just kidding… kind of), so the leisurely pace was a welcome change.

The city is so quiet this time of year; without all the hustle and bustle, it’s easier to notice the little details.  Like this adorable string of green Christmas bulbs.

It’s also easier to notice such perils as this razor sharp icicle.  Ahh!  Maybe we should all be wearing helmets.

I’m not sure if you saw yesterday’s New York Times, but apparently they made a trip to my neighborhood to take their own snowy stroll.  I really wish they would have let me know they were coming.  I would have cleared a parking spot for them and had Clark serve as a space saver.  Or at the very least, tried to pop out at the perfect moment to be interviewed.  I love our neighborhood.

That’s a lot of snow for our “scrappy South Boston.”

While I’m having a grand old time enjoying the white stuff, there are those who need our help.  Look into options in your own towns and cities, and be sure to check in on loved ones, especially the elderly and disabled.  Do a little end of the year purging and donate your warm blankets, outerwear, hats and mittens to local shelters and organizations such as Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.  Crack open that pantry.  Do you have a can of soup or a jar of peanut butter you can part with?  Find a local food bank or pantry by clicking here.

Doing good will melt those dangerous icicles.  Stay warm, lovely friends.

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What does your neighborhood look like right now?

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