Today: It’s nudie magazine day!

Billy: What day is it?

Norm: October?

Billy: It’s nudie magazine day!

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] While it’s not nudie magazine day, it is regular magazine day and since my emotional maturity rivals that of a 13 year old boy, I couldn’t resist the Billy Madison reference.  Maybe I should be the Revolting Blob for Halloween.  Pretty much all I’d need to do is poke eye and nose holes in my swim cap.  Sold!

"He was supposed to pinch my leg if he was running short of air!"

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I opened our mailbox earlier this week and was delighted to find this stack of periodicals awaiting me.  Why, helloooo ladies. Who knows when I will actually get a chance to flip through these, but I am hoping my date with the wave trainer on Friday affords me some time.  Hmm.  Am I coordinated enough to wave train and read?  Care to place a friendly wager on me falling off mid-page flip?


Where there's a camera, there's a Clark.

Once, while running on the treadmill at my old gym, my iPod became detached from my headphones, fell from the treadmill display, hit the back of the treadmill and shot clear across the cardio area.  I had to reach under someone else’s  treadmill to fish it out.  Like most people born in 1982, my middle name is Marie, but it really should be Awkward.  Let’s get back to the magazines.

Here’s a question for the ages.  Why do women’s magazines often feature half-nudie cover models?  Thankfully, Martha and Oprah bring a little modesty to the newsstand.  Yeesh!  Here’s what I’ll be learning this month:

  • A whole meal (mostly) from your pantry (Glamour)
  • Less stress, more creativity: the brainpower special (Self)
  • Secrets of women who never get sick (Health)
  • 125 best foods for women and four total body moves (Women’s Health)
  • Holiday preview: gear and gifts galore (Fitness)

Once I was in Fitness Magazine.  My life has pretty much been downhill ever since (just kidding… every day is more awesome than the previous.)  I wonder if I’ll come across an article about being effortlessly cool in less than three days.  Now that would be worth the cover price.

Also On Tap for Today:

What are your favorite magazines?  If you say the Economist, I will award you 50 smartie points.  If you say Highlights for Kids, I will ask to borrow the word search page.

5 thoughts on “Today: It’s nudie magazine day!

  1. Wait, you were IN Fitness magazine?! So cool!! I love reading any gossip (People, US, etc) or food mag (Cooking Light, Rachael Ray…). But I pretty much only treat myself to a pile of those when vacation. At home, my reading is not quite as fun (homework, work, The Week).

  2. Great post! Thanks for mentioning Eversave, you are My favorite magazines are Glamour, Real Simple and Rachel Ray. However, I bought three of the magazine Saves from Eversave, so I’m now going to pick a few new magazines – suggestions are welcome! I’m thinking maybe Martha Stewart, Food Network, maybe Boston Magazine…. anything else??

    1. Hi friend. Martha Stewart is my #1 lady. I always get great recipes, decorating and project ideas from that magazine. I also like Women’s Running and Beautiful Home. 🙂

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