Today: Stop the madness.

A funny thing happened this evening.  End of post?  Sorry, not tonight.  Better luck next time!

While gulping down a post-run protein shake (how quickly I’ve made the transition from non-er to marathoner-in-training!), I looked at the box of organic whole wheat gourmet penne and mini heirloom tomatoes before me and sighed.  Yes, I’m hungry.  Yes, I want a nice, thoughtful, satisfying, healthful meal.  And yes, yes, yes… I’d rather grab something easy and tune out in front of the TV.  Gourmet?  How about expressway?

Somewhere between that final thought and realizing I’d spilled half of the aforementioned shake on my chest, I noticed that Clark was prancing around the condo with a hot pink bra in his mouth… but that’s neither here nor there.

I thought about the choices I make for myself, versus the choices I make for other people.

  • Would I choose to prepare a meal that’s “easy,” as opposed to healthy and delicious for my loved ones?  Nope.
  • Would I plop something down on a plate for them and call it a day, simply because I am tired?  Nope.
  • Would I reward someone for their hard, sweaty workout with something unsatisfying and lacking in nutrition? Newwwp.
  • If I was at a restaurant, would I demand to have a television or laptop brought to my table so I could tune out instead of pay attention to the meal or my company?  Uh, no again.
  • And, would I deny anyone a basil chiffonade or freshly cracked pepper or a perfectly shaved bit of parmigiano reggiano?  Never.  In.  A.  Million.  Years.

So what the heck have I been doing, treating myself differently?  And how on Earth does Clark always find that pink bra?  The madness stops now.  And the sanity starts here, with a delicious bowl of penne.

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For the record, basil chiffonade is… basil, simply rolled and sliced.  It’s extremely easy, looks gorgeous, and sounds fancy.  Did I mentioned it’s extremely easy?  Okay.  Let’s keep that between the two of us.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Run/lift 🙂
  • It’s high time I simplified life (1 of these 43 ways is bound to stick!)
  • Freshen up the iPod for tomorrow’s race

What sort of madness are you putting an end to today?

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