Today: A tax-free weekend.

This weekend was truly tax-free, in the shopping sense and in the sit back and relax kind of way.  I kicked back (and took a lot of naps, due partly to a lingering cold… but hey, a nap’s a nap!) and enjoyed a slow-paced end to the week in the city.

Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo at Fan Pier

Please don’t turn me in for taking this prohibited photo.  Flashes were a flashin’ pre-show, so I joined in fun, only to be reprimanded by a security team member.  Whoops.  The show was, not surprisingly, fantastic.  The show as practically in our backyard; it was great seeing the swirling blue and gold tents of Cirque du Soleil in the circus that is sometimes Southie.  Ovo is in Boston through August 29th, and I believe tickets are still available.

New sneaks

Out with the old, in with the new.  I was due for a new pair, and with marathon training beginning in earnest this week, it was time to trade in my old Alchemys for these newly updated Alchemys.  Billy at South Boston Running Emporium taught me a few shoe-tying tricks and caught me up on all the improvements made to this version of my favorite running shoe.  My old pair is off to be donated or recycled.

Oh, Martha. Oh, Clark.

I am a sucker for anything created by, related to, and inspired by Martha Stewart.  I aspire to be her, minus the jail time and less one Frenchie.  When it was announce that she had a line of pet products coming out, I practically camped outside of the pet store.  Except that I didn’t at all, because I was afraid I’d get kidnapped at a strip mall and I find pet stores generally repulsive, due to the ferrets and the omnipresent aroma of eau du urine.

The Martha display was like a bright spot, an oasis, inside Petsmart.  Or is it called Pet Smart?  I don’t know, and I don’t rightly care.  And I can’t imagine you do either.  I nearly bought one of everything.  In multiple colors.  The big hits were the rope bone, the bone handled treat jar, and the chicken coop.  Unfortunately Clark destroyed the snoring lamb and tennis balls within minutes– clearly Martha’s Frenchies don’t have Clark’s tiger teeth.  I’ll be returning the bathrobe (yes, you read that correctly) because it’s too small.  And as Nick appropriately questioned, “When would Clark wear a bathrobe?”  When we’re relaxing with a tall glass of cucumber water, reading Martha Stewart Living…  Obviously.

Or after a bath.

Hey! Where'd my ears go?

Oh good. They're baaaaaaaaack.

Home, home on the Lane

I spent most of today in the Mother and Fatherland, perusing the local farmstand, checking out my dad’s gardens, making a miraculous comeback to beat my older brother at corn hole and enjoying my younger brother’s hilarious antics.

Farmstand finds

My parents' backyard

Sunday bake-off… with myself

One of Clark’s favorite people/trainers has a birthday this week.  I love to bake on Sundays, but I am not crazy about having sweets about the condo.  I love having a reason to whip up some cupcakes and send them off into the world.

Isn’t frosting and fondant fun?  Best served light and fluffy, just like the weekend.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • We had a blast at the Team in Training kick-0ff this weekend, more on that later! 🙂
  • I am obsessed with this baby hippo
  • Congratulations, Falmouth Road Race runners!

What are your Sunday rituals?

7 thoughts on “Today: A tax-free weekend.

  1. Holy moly – those cupcakes look amazing… I wish the U.S. postal service could manage delivering cupcakes… Your other friend with a birthday this week would very much love that. AND I LOVE the new sneaks. They match my bedroom well, because they are my fave color!

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