Today: South End stroll.

Sunday drivers are the worst.  Especially on Mondays.  Wow. I am a regular ol’ grouch.  I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “I am not on your vacation.”  I am that bumper sticker, personified.  Occasionally.

I am much more charitable when it comes to Sunday strollers, however.  I love watching people walk about our fair city, taking in the sights and sounds.  And smells– today was all about the smells.  Nick and I strolled under the Expressway and on over to the SOWA Open Market. Just as we were about to enter the market, we witnessed a woman empty the contents of her toddler’s potty onto the street.  I nearly lost my breakfast.  And my appetite for lunch.  This is not normal behavior.  And not a good smell.  And probably not appropriate to share with the Internet.  My apologies.

We were quickly distracted, thankfully, by the bustling crowd at the market.  We usually get there on the early side when it’s a bit quiet, so it was nice to see such a turnout.  We wandered through the crowd, and headed to the adjacent lot to check out Boston’s first Truck Food Festival, organized by the lovely Christine Liu of Citysearch Boston.

Here are a few of the sights from today.  Please feel free to imagine the smells and sounds.

The lines for each truck were long and winding by the time we arrived.  In other words, the Food Truck Festival was a great success.  I liked seeing familiar food mobiles, like Grillo’s Pickles and Mr. Frosty’s, and look forward to seeing the newer trucks (specifically, the Cupcakory!) driving around the city this fall.  For more about the Festival, check out this recent Herald article.  After taking in all the delicious (and mobile) sights and smells, I swiftly regained my appetite.

We walked up to Washington Street  in the quest to check off another item from my 38 while 28 list, visiting another new-to-me restaurant in the neighborhood.  We bruchned al fresco at Ginger Park, the perfect place to people watch on an early Sunday afternoon.  Nick enjoyed the Hangover Burger (he was sober, I swear) and I sampled the lemon buttermilk pancakes with citrus honey and wild blueberries.  I got about a 1/4 of the way through the plate.  They were filling, but reaaaaally good.

Ginger Park welcomes blondes and brunettes, as well.  Har, har.  The patio is dog friendly; we’re already looking forward to returning with Clark when it’s a little less… blazingly hot out.  Speaking of Clark, we stopped by Polka Dog Bakery on our way back to Southie and picked up some sort of squirrels in a tree trunk toy for him.

Though Polka Dog doesn’t have a truck, they did have a table at the Truck Food Festival; they can take credit for one of the highlights of my day.  As a Festival-goer wandered past the Polka Dog table, she snatched a handful of samples– presumably intended for the four-legged attendees– and popped them in her mouth.  Watching people eat dog food is truly a sight to behold.

Also On Tap for Today:

Did you stroll anywhere this Sunday?  What were your favorite sights, sounds and smells this weekend?

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