Today: Creative housekeeping.

This is the Lady Gaga of the garlic community.

Today’s creative housekeeping tip is brought to you by sheer laziness.  If you are running late in the morning, and didn’t get around to folding and putting away that last load of laundry you dumped on the sofa, just throw it back in the dryer!  Your dog walker won’t mistake your condo for a flop house, and the Bounce dryer bar you’ve been using will keep those darks extra… Bounce smelling.  Sure, the entire load will be wrinklier than my French bulldog’s face, but hey!  You’ve got a job, lady, and you’ve got to get out the door.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • There’s still time to laugh at what an idiot I am win a pedometer!
  • Manatees: they’re basically as cute as sloths
  • Maaaaay-jah food shopping

Let’s hear your most creative housekeeping tip.  Spill, sisters and misters!

One thought on “Today: Creative housekeeping.

  1. Got guests coming over??

    Got lots of dirty dishes??

    Shove them in the oven until your guests are gone!! They won’t know and you won’t be embarrassed…until your husband turns the oven on to make biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast and then realizes (as he’s going to place the biscuit tray in the oven) that he’s got a sh*t ton of smokin hot dirty dishes to attend too. 😳

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