Today: The Swan Lake mistake.

Make way for Clarklings.

Before I get in over my proverbial head, I should probably ask that– if you are any sort of law enforcement agent, PETA member, park ranger, or run-of-the-mill concerned citizen– kindly stop reading now.  If you insist on continuing, I beg you to show mercy on my soul.  And on my dog.

This is probably when Clark hatched his fur-brained plan.

Nick’s brother gave us a professional photo session for Clark for Christmas.  We met Maria*, of White Whiskers Photography, at the George Washington statue at the Arlington St. entrance of the Public Garden, promptly at 9 o’clock yesterday morning.  The light was gorgeous, the lawn and flowers freshly watered, and the heat had not yet peaked.  Clark took to Maria quickly; within minutes he was eating from the palm of her hand.  Literally.  That’s how most dogs eat.

I am not certain how things took a such a turn,  but I know it was fast and I know it was noisy.  One minute Clark was posed regally by the edge of the Swan Pond, and the next, he was swan diving into the Swan Pond, presumably in an effort to catch and eat… a swan.  There were ducks and swans and geese quacking and dogs barking and people screaming and Nick emptying his pockets and removing his shoes, poised to jump in after Clark.  It was complete chaos.

Swan: the other, other white meat.

Fortunately the chaos was short lived.  Clark turned around and frantically doggie-paddled back to the edge, looking both shocked and proud of himself for executing such a bold sequence.  Without having had an EKG, I am fairly certain my heart stopped, and that the Swan Pond incident shaved months, if not years off my life, but the dog is fine and the swans are fine and Maria had the wherewithal to stop taking pictures until Clark was safely ashore.  Could you imagine if that ended differently?  Oh look, here’s a picture of your dog drowning.  Oh and what’s this?  A mutilated swan!  Lovely.

Impromptu swims are exhausting.

All parties bounced back surprisingly well.  Perhaps we should be cutting back on swimming lessons, though.  And I am rethinking the duck treats we regularly give him.

*If you, or a friend with a furry friend, are looking for a talented photographer, we highly recommend you contact Maria at White Whiskers Photography.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Pick up my Fast Lane transponder (Can I get an Amen for Southie resident discounts?)
  • I’ll be out of town for this Tomato Festival, but doesn’t it look great?
  • On the hunt for pewter bridesmaid shoes 🙂

How was your weekend?  Break any rules?

17 thoughts on “Today: The Swan Lake mistake.

  1. So funny! Our old dog ran away with a friend and got arrested for accessory to aggressive dog behavior for something similar. Ahh, memories. I’m glad everyone survived! Clark is so cute.

  2. I wish I had a dog to live such adventures ! This was hilarious !
    But I have a cat who probably would jump in the lake to eat swans if we took strolls with him. near a lake. With swans. Which we don’t have in Montreal, I think. So he has to be content with raccoons, squirrels, little birds and other cats. And he does run after them, jump in the window screen and eat them. I swear he does.

  3. Amazing. What a hilarious comedy of errors, but what a lovely final shot. Here via ICLW, always love to meet a fellow Bostonian. And what’s this Southie discount?? We have EZ-Pass so I guess we miss out on it- boo. Boo on them.

    Happy ICLW ^_^
    ~Keiko, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed

  4. That story is priceless! Yes, it’s fortunate that everything turned out just fine because otherwise it would have been just wrong for us to laugh at it as hard as I’m sure we all did! I also have a dog – absolutely LOVELY with human beings. But not good with other dogs, rabbits, cats, squirrels – living beings in general; just humans!

    Great post!

  5. Hey, over here from ICLW. I am a fellow bostonian. Wish I had been at the Public Garden to witness that. Love dogs!

  6. So much to say!
    1. Your dog is so adorable!
    2. Love your blog…stopping by through ICLW!
    3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Boston! My hubs and I honeymooned in Boston and now I have a sick obsession with the beautiful city! Can’t wait to go back! Have a great week!

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