Today: Hallelujah and Play Ball.

Sunday was a sacred day in the real, actual way… and also in the Red Sox way.  We celebrated both Easter and Opening Day (but at night, so it was technically Opening Night).  Strange and awesome.

Speaking of which, here’s Clark dressed up as an Easter Frenchie:

I forgot to take a picture (I was preoccupied by an omnipresent fear that Clark was peeing on something… or someone… inside my parents’ house), but I made a really fun cake, inspired by my hero, Martha Stewart.  I liked this cake (I think it was in the March issue of MSL)… but thought it needed some crushed Oreo dirt… and then I went a little wacko with the frosting tint… and well… I really need to practice restraint.  My sister made some really tasty appetizers including Mexican pinwheels.  And then she served up a main course of coo-coo:

Man, I love this goober.

I love being home and surrounded by my kinfolk.  I felt badly fleeing the suburbs so early in the (holy) day, but I had Opening Night tickets and I think even Jesus understands that you don’t say no to Opening Day Night.  That may have been an overreach.  I probably should have left Jesus out of it.  Anyway, I seem to have magical powers when it comes to Red Sox ticket lotteries, because I almost always “win” the opportunity to spend monies on tickets– Opening Day, Red Sox v. Yankees, Green Monster seats… you name it.  The “best available” button worked wonders this time around, and we found ourselves in the front row of a loge box just behind the Sox dugout.

We got up close and personal with this creeper (And you wonder why I made my parents keep our Easter baskets in the car when I was little?  I did not want this terrifying beast hopping into our house).

Nightmares. Lots of them.

The weather was unbelievable, Johnny Pesky was adorable, Pedro was in the house, and the baseball (and liturgical) season began anew.

Also On Tap for Today:

Do you root, root, root for the home team?

6 thoughts on “Today: Hallelujah and Play Ball.

  1. Clark !! Hehe It sounded like he was clucking. A bunny clucking.
    I’d have nightmares too if I saw that giant rabbit thing. Brrrr.
    Where is the photo of the unrestrained cake ? I want to see it !

    1. Hahaha! My sister said she has a photo, I’ll send it along as soon as I see it (and deem it acceptable for public viewing). Hope your day’s going well, Terry!

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