Today: Flower power.

Or, Today: Devoid of creativity.

Last night Nick and I swung by the Boston Flower and Garden Show.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but given that I spent Tuesday night crying like a (crying) baby while watching “The Blind Side,”* I was hoping it would be an uplifting experience.  I analyzed the risk, and assessed the depressing factor of a flower show to be quite low.  I assessed the allergen factor, however, to be quite high.

So I overdosed on Zyrtec.

It was amazing… the show, not the Zyrtec.  The exhibit hall featured gardens created by local gardening clubs, garden centers and landscape architects.  Tucked in the middle of the room was one of my favorite sections, the Garden of Cakes, which included a dozen or so garden-themed cakes.

I loved walking around each exhibit, snapping digicam photos (over a hundred, I got a bit carried away) and fighting the urge to touch and smell everything in sight.  In the back of the room, we checked out the floral design and amateur horticulture competitions, as well as a display of Ikebana arrangements.  There was a great vase that looked sort of like a macaroni… but that’s neither here nor there.

Regardless, here are a few highlights (I’ll spare you the full 127 photos… unless I emailed them to you last night, in which case, you have not been spared).

I really enjoyed myself.  And I didn’t cry once.

*Don’t get me wrong: The movie was excellent (the book, too).  And transforming.  I was transformed into a weeping willow.

Also On Tap for Today:

Have you ventured somewhere new lately?

4 thoughts on “Today: Flower power.

  1. Lovely, please tell me what is that in the second picture? An unusual shaped squash growing upside down?

    The place new that I am venturing is to do Script Frenzy starting 4/1 and write a script for the first time. I hope it will bring a new dimension to my writing.

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